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Member since February 1, 2012
Last Login: September 30, 2014
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About Me
Hey everyone :3
Just so you know, sadly im more active on DA nowerdays so head over there if you want to keep up with my artwork :D
- http://nolliemai.deviantart.com/

Well... this is so inactive now... i think i might delete this account just because i never upload here xD

I dont know yet if i will but defiantly considering it


Nickname NollieMai
Date Joined February 1st, 2012
Website http://nolliemai.deviantart.com/
Gender Female
Birthday Oct 19, 1990

Twitter www.twitter.com/NollieMai
Skype NollieMai

Work Environment
Computer HP
Monitor LG
Software Sai, Gimp, Photoshop Elements and OpenCanvas
Scanner Reeeeeally old HP scanner D:
Tablet Wacom Fun Bamboo
Mouse Kensington Orbit Trackball
Printer Reeeeeally old HP printer D:
Things on Desk Normally a cup of Tea :D
Drawing Tunes Depends on the drawing mood :P But Pink tends to be a good place to start :)

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